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Guest Feedback and Comments Page

Please provide us with your feedback and comments as they are much appreciated. Thanks for your input. Best regards Walkerbay Tours.

5 Responses to “Guest Page”

  • Jimmy and Bridget Taaffe:

    This was a fantastic guided walk. Billy imparts the information in a very factual and entertaining way. The view was spectacular and the fynbos beautiful.

  • Jacob Friderichsen:

    Thank you very much, Billy for a giving our family such a wonderful guided tour (Fynbos Trail)in fantastic surroundings!
    We were very impressed with your enormous knowledge of all the animals and plants that we bumped into along the trail.
    Best regards from
    Gitte, Jacob, Sara and Kalle
    P.S. “Hulepindsvin!!” :-O

  • Libby Gubb:

    Absolutely loved the Fynbos Trail.
    Billy is an excellent guide and imparted his mindful of knowledge clearly. The walk was not too easy and just the right amount of exercise per day.Fascinating learning how nature works! If guides were given stars I would rate Billy and Christoffle 5 stars each !

  • Just loved the Fynbos Trail. It wasa touch more difficult than I expected being pretty technical in places but fantastic exercise and very varied environment and fauna and flora. I had absolutely no idea that fynbos was so fascinating and varied; so unique and adaptable. Billy and Christoffle you were amazing and I learnt so much as well as loved being in nature. thankyou for sharing all your incredible knowledge with us. In the future any trails I do I want a guide who can share his knowledge or the trails history with us!

  • Rivard Paul:

    Billy is enthousiastic, smart, open and absolutely in love with nature. A day with Billy is full of great moments of discovery and beauty! My best day in Hermanus to discover whales and walk to San paintings!

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